Kiehl’s taps holiday season with Christmas stocking

Just in time for Christmas, Kiehl’s is sending consumers a holiday greeting with a whimsical online video centring around a Christmas stocking.

Running mainly on Facebook and YouTube, the commercial was done in a month by independent firm Air Concepts, and marked a rare approach for the L’Oréal skincare brand to embrace brand marketing during the year-end spending spree.

“The beauty industry is flooded with product-driven ads; rarely have we seen a cosmetic and skincare company turn to brand marketing in the digital space,” said Ken Hui, co-founder and creative director at Air Concepts.

“The film aims to showcase Kiehl’s wide skincare product range which spans from women to men, children to the elderly, even pets. It’s designed to deepen the brand’s connection with customers with a Christmas stocking, a holiday tradition that resonates with everyone.”