KFC's push to clean up after meals gets mixed reaction from Indonesians

KFC Indonesia has divided netizens with its new campaign urging consumers to clean up after themselves. On Facebook, KFC had put up a post that read, "Since we were young, we have been taught actually to always clean up ourselves after meals. But over time, this culture has begun to be rare. We need to preserve this culture, let's go! From now on, let's clean up ourselves after eating!"

The post has garnered over 2,200 shares, 1,400 likes and more than 800 comments. However, netizens were not welcoming the new culture KFC was instilling with its campaign. On Twitter, a netizen said, "KFC has just left for developed countries, don't use the cultural pretext to increase turnover, you serve us pay!". Replying to that, the fast food brand quoted and commented that KFC is indeed from developed countries.

Despite the many negative comments, several netizens lauded the fast food brand for progressing with the nation. One particular netizen also said that cleaning up after a meal can be attributed to "manners and mentality" of an individual. Marketing Interactive has reached out to KFC Indonesia for comment.

Here's the Facebook post:

In an article on AsiaOne, the restaurant was quoted to be saying that it did not expect the campaign to get such a mixed response, nor did it expect it to go viral.