KFC SG mimicks Apple’s product launches for its own product push


KFC Singapore introduced its new Chipotle Meltz by adopting Apple’s approach in launching its products. Against a big black screen, the Chipotle Meltz is aired and described as “passion made this possible”. The spot is then fronted by a man clad in a sweater, seemingly pulling off a Tim Cook look.  

Conceptualised by Ogilvy Singapore, the campaign was born out of how inspired the team was by how similar the product build is to a mobile phone. A KFC spokesperson told Marketing that the Chipotle Meltz looks unassumingly plain and sleek from the outside but packs immense power in terms of features. “That leads to the start of this entire campaign creative development. With the new foldable phones in trend , we took the opportunity to link these two popular items together,” the spokesperson added.

The KFC Chipotle Meltz is the brand’s hero campaign, as it has had many ardent fans for Meltz who have been asking for it to return. In response to these appeals, KFC brought it back and made it better with a Chipotle sauce. The ad will be available on Instagram stories, Facebook and YouTube as well.

According to KFC, it generally takes about two months for its agency to brainstorm the creative ideas to the final production of the materials. For this campaign however, the team spent about nine weeks crafting the idea and also for production time.

“As the video requires more technical editing to achieve the effects (the main video was shot against green screen), we took slightly longer than usual to have it edited beautifully. However, timeline for our campaigns is often crazy as we have multiple campaigns running concurrently. Typically, campaigns are launched back to back and we are grateful that our creative and production agencies are running together with us at high speed,” the spokesperson added.

The video shoot was done before the WFH measures became mandatory, the KFC team said. Nevertheless, the team was mindful during the shoot process, and said the production was done with fewer than usual crew manpower and post-production were done online via Zooms call and e-meetings.

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