KFC, Nike, DBS lead CNY engagement online

Chinese New Year frenzy set in nice and early with consumer conversations beginning since last August. What are Singaporeans searching for and which brands have capitalised on the festive season the most? Insights from latest Amobee Brand Intelligence report gives us some inkling.

Topping the list for most searched for and talked about topics are getting organised for family gatherings, recipe hunting and preparing red packets, unsurprisingly.

As expected 9 out or 10 Singaporeans are celebrating Chinese New Year with families with around 84% looking forward to reunion dinners and 77% visiting family and friends.  Given this focus on family getting together, food and dining top the list in advertising segments most associated with CNY this year.

Brands who have championed the festive season

Fast food giants KFC, McDonalds and Burger King have been pushing their CNY menus and efforts have paid off with KFC leading the pack as the highest indexing brand in market.  “KFC has taken a family-first approach with a single minded proposition of ‘spend more quality time with your family, let KFC cater your family feast’”.

Their campaign’s multi-channel approach including outdoor, digital and social media activity including Twitter pre-orders for CNY family feasts and their special Sriracha spicy Chicken headlining their campaign with the hashtag #KFCSriracha.

Other top advertising categories include entertainment, banking, travel, fashion and telecommunications.

  • In Fashion, Nike has been leading the charge as the highest indexing brand for CNY with Amobee brand insights data picking up activity and brand association with CNY since as early as August/September last year. This is predominantly due to a PR and social-media led regional CNY campaign it kicked off, as it geared up to release a special edition of the Air Force 1.
  • Local banks DBS, UOB and POSB are neck and neck in brand association with CNY according to latest data with new and recycled notes being the most discussed topics of conversations online. DBS and POSB have made this easy by installing 29 pop up ATMs dispensing new and “good as new” notes. This was heavily promoted through PR and social channels, run in conjunction with a competition giving away dining vouchers and dining experiences for families and friends.

What is interesting in the findings is how early Singaporeans were talking and searching for Chinese New Year. Although Orchard Road was filled with Christmas decorations up until recently, Singaporeans had begun planning for reunion dinners even before that.

“Brands that were on the front foot of this i.e Nike, have seen the benefit with brand association remaining high since late August last year,” Amobee said.