KFC Malaysia's Raya spot on sibling forgiveness zeroes in on the act of Salam

KFC Malaysia has launched a new film in light of Raya, based on the notion that fights within families are unavoidable. The brand's new film focuses on the quiet act of a Salam, which expresses the message "Maaf Zahir Dan Batin", a message the fast food brand wants to extend to Malaysians everywhere this season.

The spot centres around the idea of forgiveness during Raya and features two brothers who go on a journey to repair their relationship during the festive season. The video also explores their relationship growing up and what it is in current times.

Following the debut of Joget Abah in 2017, Dendam Adam, KFC’s newest short film, marks the brand’s second Raya web film to date. Together with creative agency, Naga DDB, KFC wishes to keep the tradition running by focusing on real everyday family moments. And family squabbles, are of course, no exception.

With the Salam being a significant practice on Hari Raya mornings, the agency explained that the act of it has become more of a formality in today’s day and age, especially when done without the actual giving of forgiveness.

“Family riffs are part and parcel of life,” says Naga’s deputy executive creative director, Paul Lim. “As a brand that values family relationships, this was a good opportunity for us to remind everyone not to let grudges get in the way of a truly special Hari Raya celebration.”

With food being the most Malaysian way to ease awkwardness in tense situations, the brand uses its signature bucket of chicken as a catalyst for family members to renew ties.

“Forgiveness is, after all, a two-way ritual, which is what this film is about. Because the beauty behind the small gesture is not only in seeking forgiveness, but also in accepting an apology with grace," Lim added.