KFC Hong Kong and Macau stops providing plastic lids and straws

KFC Hong Kong has announced all stores in Hong Kong and Macau will stop providing plastic lids and straws for drinks starting from today, in an effort to reduce single-use plastics and alleviate its environmental impact.

The announcement comes after the trial programme – carried out in nine stores – was well received by the public. The majority of the customers did not make a request for a plastic lid.  

KFC Hong Kong stated that designated special drinks and takeaway drinks will be exempted from this new move.

Janet Yuen, chief operating officer of KFC Hong Kong and Macau, said: “We understand the significance of the impact of single-use plastics has brought to our environment, and we want to do our part in striving for positive change. We believe that every little step counts, so we decided to engage our customers and make the effort by launching this ‘no straws and lids’ action in all of our stores.”

Apart from the suspension of plastic straws and lids, KFC Hong Kong has rolled out some environmental friendly measures previously, such as launching a smart hand washing machine, which help reduce water usage in handwashing by 10.31 million litres since its launch in 2014, and collaborating with NGOs such as Food Angel to promote waste reduction.

Global chain stores are catching up with environmental friendly measures. Starbucks and Ikea have also announced plans to eliminate in-store single use plastic straws, lids and cutlery.  

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