KFC crowdsources for menu items

After noticing numerous tweets from fans asking for ‘Cheesy BBQ Meltz’ to be brought back to KFC, including a fan’s plea that was re-tweeted over 2000 times, KFC Singapore brought back the menu item, after ceasing it for two years.

This was done through the use of Facebook, Twitter and Social Media Listening, by KFC’s social media agency Vocanic.

The agency encouraged conversations amongst KFC fans by asking them which product they would like to see back on the menu. It found that 35% of fan replies were to bring back the Cheesy BBQ Meltz, and the team has since re-launched the menu item as of Wednesday this week.

Through actively listening to their fans on Social Media, KFC hopes to strengthen its relationships and brand loyalty amongst consumers and use their feedback to shape their menu calendar.

KFC organized a re-launch party on 18 August for some fans to enjoy the product ahead of its launch.