KFC Co + Creations kicks off with KFC Crispy Cheese Chicken

KFC Philippines is at it again with cheesy surprises, this time partnering with local snack food company Leslie’s to create the KFC Crispy Cheese Chicken.

A first in Asia, KFC marinated its chicken in cheese and, if that’s not enough cheese for its patrons, coated it with cheesy Clover Chips from Leslie’s. A single piece paired with country gravy, chicken rice and a side of mashed potato and corn costs P99.

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The verdict is still out whether the KFC Crispy Cheese Chicken will be accepted with gusto but the brand is already busy looking for its next novel recipe. KFC Crispy Cheese Chicken tips off “KFC Co + Creations”, a contest where KFC invites diners to send in ideas on what will be the next new KFC meal is.

The contest will run for four weeks via Twitter with ideas based on weekly themes - paring its chicken with a local or imported chips brand, jazzed up with Filipino flavors, a sauce or condiment or any food stuff under the sun.

Fresh ideas will undoubtedly give KFC Philippine’s menu a shot in the arm after offering cheesy creations for quite some time now. Last September’s Cheezy Bacon Fest won praises abroad for letting dinners to “cheezify” and “baconized” most of the KFC menu including the dessert. But in 2012, KFC Philippines become the butt of jokes in the US for the Cheese Top Burger.

Participants get a free up-size for joining the contest while weekly winners get a year’s supply of KFC Chicken. Also, the victors get to see, not to mention eat, KFC meal ideas which ideally can be offered by KFC nationwide.