Kemono Chicken veers off from 'safe marketing', hands SG KOLs creative control

Japanese roast chicken brand Kemono Chicken has named Singaporean comedic actor Noah Yap as creative director to manage its new brand direction. The brand said it decided to appoint key opinion leaders (KOL) who are known for their boldness and creativity in campaign creation, instead of adhering to "traditional safe methods of marketing".

According to Kemono, this is the first time KOLs are given full creative control and will take on the responsibility of the quality of engagement with Kemono’s community. This means that no form of creative approval is required and there will be no limits to the extent of the content creation. The brand said such a move will bring out maximum creativity from the creative directors and in turn create unforgettable experiences with its community.

Meanwhile, Kemono also appointed Cool Cheese Productions as its lead content producer to work with Yap (pictured). Marketing has reached out to Kemono for additional information about the brand direction and its future partnerships with KOLs as creative directors.

Kemono explained that while most food brands are focused on sales, Kemono believes that the experience is more than just the price or taste of the food. Food has always been an important element in bringing individuals from all walks of life together and it wants to focus on each and every one of its customers' experience. As such, Kemono decided to take a new approach in creating new experiences for the community.

Yap said not many companies will dare to do something "too crazy" but he is glad that Kemono has adopted such a perspective and trusts him with so much creative decision making power. "Honestly, I’m super hyped and can’t wait to give the community my own personal unique take on the Kemono brand. I think it will be quite a wild ride!" Yap added.

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