KCC’s marketing tech lead exits to join a startup

Eddy Chan (pictured) has left his role as marketing technology leader of Kimberly-Clark.

At KCC, Chan helped the APAC marketing function accelerate the integration of technology and digital capabilities. He helped to establish a programmatic trading desk and launch a unified CRM program across APAC.

Chan has since co-founded a startup where he will helm as chief technology officer (CTO). The startup specialises in tech-based products and services for the hearing-impaired.

In his new role,  Chan will manage all aspects of technology as well as marketing duties for the startup.

Prior to Kimberly-Clark, Chan served as CTO at OgilvyOne for over two years. He joined OgilvyOne from PepsiCo where he held the role of software development lead. He also worked at Hutchison Telecoms as a solutions architect and design team lead.

Chan said, “Hearing aids are remarkable devices that undoubtedly improve quality of life and prevent irreversible damage, however many who need them aren’t buying them or delaying at least seven years to even think about getting one! We saw an exciting opportunity to disrupt this space through offering better products and services to the hearing impaired, whom we feel is an underserved segment.”

“Great technology is its most powerful when it solves complex human problems and hearing impairment is no exception,” he added.

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