Katy Perry's new fragrance ad premiers with a fun twist

Katy Perry’s new fragrance line from COTY, “Killer Queen’s Royal Revolution”, has launched with a new animated digital video. The campaign was shot by the Animated Storyboards (ASB) team.

ASB handled the narrative development of COTY’s vision, along with all of the character and artwork design, animation, editing and audio. The video launched on online publication Glamour. Meanwhile, MTV News also picked it up soon after the launch showcasing it on their website.  The theme behind the campaign is Revolution with a fun twist where Katy Perry frees brainwashed women prisoners by revolting against the norm and overpowering the evil ruler.

Watch the video below:

Chief creative director at ASB, Ezra Krausz, led the creative development of this project.

“COTY along with Katy Perry came to us in the beginning with an idea, and through conversations and storyboard drafts we were able to all agree on the direction and look of the piece. Collaboratively we decided on using our new 3D Illustrated animation style since it gave us the look and feel of 2D Illustration, with the benefits of using 3D motion capture for the fluid character and camera movements,” Krausz said.

Sandra Ornelas, senior global marketing manager at COTY added that the team was “looking for an animation company that would be easy to work with, flexible to work with as it pertains to feedback and timing and of course, creative.”

“ASB offered a unique and low-cost solution for online content to use in support of our fragrance launch,” Ornelas added.

ASB’s production studio is situated in Thailand and has 150 in-house staff comprised of character developers, background creators, after effects artists, motion caption animators among others.