Kappa's new celebrity ambassador Huang Zitao headlines fashion brand campaign

Kappa has named Chinese celebrity Huang Zitao as a brand ambassador.

Under the collaboration, the Italian sportswear brand will work with the singer-songwriter, rapper, actor, and model to launch a new "I make my own trend" branding campaign. Kappa hopes the campaign will demonstrate Kappa's brand characteristics of "Self, Colour, Sports".

Kappa said Huang was partly chosen due to his potential for conveying a message of "Love and Dream [sic]" to its audience, reflecting the brand's own goals of encouraging young people to hold on to their dreams and express themselves.

China Dongxiang, a company that designs and sells sports apparel and accessories in China, owns all the rights for Kappa's branded products in Mainland China, Macau, and Japan.

"We are very pleased to have Huang Zitao become Kappa's brand ambassador. We believe that the image of Huang, as a fashion trendsetter who always pursues breakthroughs, is in line with Kappa's brand value. We look forward to the new insights and surprises to be brought by this collaboration, demonstrating our brand's character and together creating greater brand value for Kappa," said Zhang Zhiyong, CEO of China Dongxiang.