JWT consolidates its digital agencies to form new global network

JWT has confirmed the consolidation of its digital agencies to form a new global digital network called Mirum.

In a major reorganisation, JWT will consolidate 11 of its digital agencies including Digitaria (North America), XM (Asia Pacific) CASA (Brazil) ActivearkJWT (Finland, Sweden, India and UK) and Twist Image (Canada). These agencies will drop their respective names and take on the Mirum brand. Lunchbox (U.S.), i-Cherry (Brazil), HeathWallace (U.K.), Quirk (South Africa and U.K), Clarus (Mexico) and X-Prime (France) will also join Mirum, but retain their identities.

Mirum logo

The move gives the Mirum network access to 17 countries and 40 offices worldwide. Mirum, named after the Latin word for “amazing”, will operate as a sister agency to JWT, but with separate management teams and P&Ls.

Leadership and structure

The network will be led by former Digitaria chief executive officer Dan Khabie, as global and North American CEO. Khabie will report directly to Gustavo Martinez, JWT's CEO, and be based between the West Coast and the East Coast.

Asia is set to be a primary focus for the new entity, with 20% of its growth expected to come out of the region, said Khabie.

Leading Asia Pacific is XM Asia lead Nanda Ivens. Ivens, currently based in Jakarta, will shift to Mirum's regional HQ in Singapore.

The move has already been rolling out across the agency for the past year, added Khabie.

In other management roles, Robin Bade and Marcus Hakala will lead Europe; Rob Stokes, MEA; Guilherme Gomide, LATAM; Mark Goodman, North America and Alex Kavinski will lead its Behavioral Media division and Kevin Weisberg, its Digital Retail Marketing division.

Sources have suggested the network was built as a competitor to SapientNitro, which is proving strong competition in recent times.

While not confirming this, Khabie said that Mirum’s strength would be its “borderless business” model.

He said that unlike other companies that focus on a regional P&L, Mirum will have one global P&L. Also, the network's offices that are almost equal in scale and strength, instead of merely being headquartered in the US like many other digital agencies are, he added.

JWT said Mirum's services will extend to strategy and consulting services, creative and content, user experience and platforms, analytics and insight and product development and mobile. Additionally, Mirum has deep vertical service offerings in digital retail, behavioral media and financial services.

Despite both JWT and Mirum operating separately, both may approach pitches together when needed. Both JWT and Mirum will continue to manage individual clients.

The agency also said that Mirum is not being set up as a production company to support JWT and the majority of its revenue is with clients outside the JWT roster. No offices or teams will be closed or consolidated, said the agency.

Other key roles in the network are Daiga Atvara as chief design officer; Matt Webb, chief technology officer; Dave Wallace, chief operations officer; Nick Read, chief financial officer; Sarah Kotlova, global head of agency services; and John Baker, chief marketing officer.  Khabie also said he plans to hire a chief creative officer, chief strategy officer and global head of data & analytics over the next six months.

Current clients include CBRE, Cyrela, Daum Kakao, Finnair, HSBC, Magazine Luiza, Mazda, Microsoft, Nokia, Petco, Singapore Tourism Board, TD Bank, Walmart and XL, among others.