Joseph Schooling enters performance skincare space with JS Orphic

Singapore Olympic champion Joseph Schooling (pictured) has launched his performance skincare brand JS Orphic in collaboration with an aesthetics doctor and a team of skincare specialists from South Korea. The initial range of four products from JS Orphic is designed to?alleviate skin concerns, provide long lasting protection, and stimulate healthy skin rejuvenation.

In a statement to Marketing, JS Orphic's spokesperson said it took three years to conceptualise the brand and products, adding that the packaging is gender neutral and clean. "JS Orphic?s mission is to play a key role in skincare education. It aims to be the go-to brand for personal grooming, skincare knowledge and solutions," she explained, adding:

"JS" represent Schooling?s initials while the word 'orphic' is of Greek origin and is associated with being fascinating and powerful.

"Together with the term 'performance skincare', JS Orphic Performance Skincare aligns with Joseph Schooling?s pursuit of excellence in all areas of his life. He believes in creating products and solutions that will deliver performance and impact," the spokesperson explained.

According to the spokesperson, JS Orphic will explore?working with relevant partners to share the message on the importance of skincare as part of one?s daily life.?Currently only available in Singapore, the products can be found online and retail stores NOMADX and Atlas Medispa. It will be launching new products next year, the spokesperson said, and the brand hopes to capture a global audience via eCommerce.

"We are not obsessed with numbers but rather, we want to ensure that as many people as possible are aware of the importance of a good skincare routine," she added. The spokesperson also said that the team of skincare product specialists in South Korea will oversee the production of JS Orphic and continue their research and development of products to be added to the line.

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Since 2018, Schooling has been appointed brand ambassador for several renowned brands including DBS, ONE Championship, HUGO Boss, Canon, Toyota, and Yakult. Separately in 2018, The Schooling Company lodged?a police report after online ads featuring the local athlete circulated. featuring the local athlete. According to a statement from The Schooling Company, these advertisements and ?news? articles dispense financial advice that is not endorsed by the swimmer.

The Schooling company added that this was a false representation and a misuse of Schooling?s image and name these advertisements and ?news? articles dispense financial advice that is not endorsed by the swimmer.