JOOX rolls out Buzz to strengthen video entertainment feature

Music streaming platforms have been evolving and JOOX has strengthened its functions by introducing a short video feature that enhances social interactions among users and artists. 

The latest Buzz short video feature serves as an avenue for creative people to showcase and cultivate their talent. Through the new Buzz feature, JOOX further enhances its video entertainment capabilities, encouraging more social interactions among users, fans, artists and content creators through its social and fan economy consisting of coins, gifts, likes, comments and votes.

Furthermore, JOOX said the new function allows artists and users to share their short videos to the platform and interact through comments, likes, and direct inbox messages. They can also gift to show their appreciation to each other.

“Riding on the success of our video karaoke function, JOOX further strengthens its video features with the launch of JOOX Buzz to build up a social community that can empower diversely talented and creative people to unleash their full potential. This reflects our drive to be the ultimate go-to music and entertainment platform that connects artists, content creators and fans, leveraging our comprehensive social entertainment ecosystem," commented Poshu Yeung, senior vice president of JOOX.

JOOX also leverages this new feature to support international and local artists, inviting artists to exclusively share their Buzz videos and exploring hot topics to engage fans via challenges and games, such as the classic movie dialogue challenge.

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