Johnson’s Baby conducts social experiment on #kidsthesedays

Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh and BBDO Singapore have partnered up to conduct a social experiment to promote outdoor physical playtime for children.

Because, parents in Singapore display a high degree of kiasu-ness when it comes to their children, often focusing on educational activities, with limited free time for unstructured play, the “Play Experiment” is designed to show to parents how children are becoming conditioned into making choices that keep them sedentary, even when given the opportunity to be active. This then leads them to miss out on key child behaviour development.

Take a look at the video for the campaign:

“BBDO Singapore was tasked with the need to make the Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh product range resonate more effectively with the consumer, Singaporean parents. We raised a very pertinent issue, with health and behavioural ramifications for the next generation, through which, we were able to showcase the unique features of Johnson Baby’s product range in an interesting way”, Tan Char-Maine, account director for Johnson’s Baby at BBDO Singapore said.

Bea Gonzalez, group brand manager for Johnson’s Baby added: “Johnson’s baby aims to understand and be closely connected to mothers and their babies-- starting from birth, and as they move on from one life stage to another. Through the Play Experiment, Johnson’s baby aims to spark a conversation around Active Play and the benefits it brings to a child’s development. It’s our hope that more parents Go Out and Play with their kids as a result of this.”

Client: Johnson’s Baby Singapore

Agency: BBDO Singapore

Production House: Hurrah Productions