Johnnie Walker presents new Black Label Highball flavours

Johnnie Walker has partnered with Hong Kong’s first “cocktails on tap” bar Draft Land to launch four new flavours.

The “Johnnie Walker Neon Light Highball Party” will present four new Black Label Highball flavours: classic, citrus, woody and toasty. Created by the team at Draft Land, these new flavours are inspired by a range of fruits, tea and coffee.

Leveraging the trend of photogenic installations and decorations at the party, the walls of Draft Land will present colourful, yet contemporary neon light décor.

Slogans such as “Keep Walking” will also be shown to demonstrate the core spirit of Johnnie Walker. Live music and a live neon light artist showcase will be at the event, where artists will demonstrate the process of creating neon light décor.

Draft Land is a cocktails on tap bar located at Central. Cocktails are not mixed by bartenders, but instead will run out from the cocktail taps directly.