Jinnyboy establishes new creative production firm to break YouTube stereotype

Malaysian content creator Jin Lim, also known as Jinnyboy, has established a new creative production agency named Aspect Ratio Studios which he describes is a hybrid between a production house and a social media agency. Aspect Ratio's DNA is designed to focus on creating stories together with brands - told in their desired aspect ratio - as well as to work with agencies to create and execute impactful digital campaigns.

Meanwhile, its logo, which was designed in-house, is comprised of different aspect ratios and its new website was created by a two-man team at Elixir Creative Solutions.

aspect ratio compact logo blk 01

Lim (pictured top third from left) founded the YouTube channel JinnyboyTV in 2012 which started off by producing short videos, parodies and sketches. Since then, it has expanded into a fully creative and talent agency creating campaigns for corporate clients. He told A+M in an interview that the team wanted to diversify its offerings and not just be seen as individuals who are only good at creating YouTube videos, but are also adept at producing branded content and commercials.

"We have had clients who said they love our YouTube videos and our style but want to work with us outside of YouTube and have something solely on their platform," he said.

There are 12 individuals on the Aspect Ratio team, with seven managing the production arm while five are focused on social media. As the founder, Lim oversees both the production and social media aspects, with a slight emphasis on production. The production team comprises three directors who have received international and local accolades and the ability to produce a variety of short films, skits, music videos, and brand videos. The production arm also has a creative team which will conceptualise and write scripts for brands, Lim added.

The social media arm of Aspect Ratio is led by head of social media marketing, Michelle Ng (pictured top third from right), who works closely with her team of social media experts to offer brands a selection of talents that are both managed exclusively by Aspect Ratio as well as those who are the talk of the town. The team will collaborate with clients to execute campaigns for relevant products. Currently, there are eight talents exclusively managed by Aspect Ratio.

"The inception of our social media agency began first as a talent agency, specialising in signing exclusive deals and managing talents. This enabled us to build a comprehensive network of contacts as well as to gain valuable insight on the industry," Lim explained.

"Aspect Ratio Studios has always been a part of our blueprint for growth. The pandemic inevitably has been a bit of a dampener, however, the upside for us (so to speak) is that the creative and social media marketing industry is one that never sleeps," Lim explained.

Over the years, the team has since expanded and grown into a dynamic network of social media experts who own a wealth of knowledge and experience in managing campaigns, brands and talents. According to him, the team to date has developed indispensable skills in curating the relevant creators and talents for brands to better promote their needs, and therefore, better achieving goals and objectives.

Backed by a knowledegable team of writers, Lim said Aspect Ratio digs deep to analyse and understand the brand or agency's brief. It also works to identify key messages and brand objectives to ensure it hits a home run with effectiveness and relevance.

"Additionally, we always have our ears pressed to the ground for the latest news and trending topics that would allow us to ride on a wave, therefore catapulting our client’s product to greater heights," he said.

Our specialty is relatability - crafting videos that evoke familiarity and nostalgia, tugging on heartstrings that would have one bent over crying and/or laughing.

With relatability as its guiding pillar, its present focus is to always be on the lookout for brands, whether locally or globally, that seek to connect with audiences on a different level visually, and to tell stories that are moving and impactful.

"Our team of directors are hungry and Aspect Ratio is a perfect platform for them to experiment and spread their wings. I also believe the younger generation will do a better job of storytelling than I do," he added. That said, Lim knows that it will take awhile for the team to educate the clients on the fact that it not only produces YouTube videos but also does social media and TV commercials.

Among the list of clients it has worked with include Samsung, Watsons, Nestlé Ice Cream, Nestlé Maggi, Dyson, RHB Bank, Darlie, Maybank and Fujifilm. Additionally, it is collaborating with the Korea Tourism Organisation Malaysia to produce videos and commercials for its platforms. However, with the team being unable to travel to South Korea as a result of the pandemic and travel restrictions, Lim said the team is dabbling in animation to reinvent themselves.

"We also currently work with FCB and Leo Burnett and moving forward, we hope to work with more agencies so we can get our name out there as a team of storytellers," Lim added.

He explained that while Aspect Ratio and JinnyboyTV are two separate entities, Aspect Ratio will be in charge of producing videos for the YouTube channel, which will remain active. Although Lim and his team have been working with brands all this while, the videos uploaded onto JinnyboyTV were mainly short videos and sketches produced as a form of entertainment. Moving forward, Lim said the YouTube channel will also feature client work and act as a platform for brands that wish to target users on YouTube.

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