Jim Beam Highball: A refreshing drink for WFH inspiration

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The pandemic has changed the way that many people purchase and consume alcohol. Instead of drinking outside at clubs or bars, more consumers are now drinking at home with their friends and family – often to de-stress after a long day working from home (WFH).

The chance to relax with co-workers and friends after office hours has vanished because of WFH routines, but people still want to unwind after work.

Jim Beam has stayed ahead of this trend with the Jim Beam Highball. An easy-to-make drink, its crisp and zesty taste makes it ideal for a relaxing way to finish the end of the day. Consumers can enjoy it without overindulging, as it is light enough for someone to have a fun night, but still be bright-eyed and ready for work the next day.

Simple, straightforward mixing

The Jim Beam Classic Highball is a refreshing drink made with Jim Beam whiskey, soda water, ice, and lemon. It’s a beverage that is easy to prepare at home and share with friends and family. What’s even better is that most of its base ingredients can already be found in most household kitchens.

The Classic Highball is versatile and light enough to enjoy on its own. Since it’s such a simple recipe, using the right whiskey will make a great difference in its taste. The sweet caramel notes of Jim Beam bourbon complement the bubbly soda water and zingy lemon.

All it takes is just one stir to bring all the ingredients together, and in mere minutes, a consumer will have a crisp drink they can sip at home after work. This simplicity is what makes it such a good refreshment for post-WFH downtimes.

A versatile beverage for winding down

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One of the challenges that alcohol brands face is that strong, punchy drinks consumed in bars aren’t as popular with a market that’s homebound. People are now looking for something lighter and more refreshing that they can enjoy all day without worrying about a hangover.

The Jim Beam Highball fits this demand for a light refreshment. It is easy to customise with different ingredients for any occasion, allowing you to enjoy it all year round. Each tantalising recipe has also been crafted to pair with a wide selection of dishes, so it can also be a palate cleanser for a multitude of occasions.

Singapore has a wealth of cultural diversity and cuisines, and the Jim Beam Highball can be enjoyed with any of our most popular dishes. Hotpots, chicken karaage, and steamboats are examples of some local favourites that work well with a highball.

Consumers can also customise their highball using any of their favourite fruits and flavours, making the recipe possibilities virtually endless. By educating more consumers about this versatile drink, they will now have a delicious new option to enjoy when they’re off the clock.

Refreshing tired spirits in stressful times

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Despite the versatility of the highball, many consumers are unaware of how easy it is to make at home. Most home dining and drinking options remain dominated by mainstream beers, wines, and gin and tonics.

Instead of the usual choices, people can try the Jim Beam Highball as their new pairing for food or to sip solo. Weary professionals will enjoy having Jim Beam Highballs for toasts over meals, or simply to drink during “me time” hours away from their devices.

WFH routines have blurred the lines between office time and personal time. Now, more than ever, consumers value disconnecting to make time for themselves. The Jim Beam Highball is perfectly suited for these times: a refreshment for kicking back and making good memories.

Jim Beam is available at leading supermarkets, Cold Storage, and DON DON DONKI, as well as the Wines N Spirits online store.