Jebsen Fine Wines pours investment into customer data platform to build loyalty

Jebsen Fine Wines has appointed Emarsys as its strategic partner to help strengthen customer loyalty and maximise value.

Under the partnership, through Emarsys’ fully integrated customer data platform, Jebsen Fine Wines will have complete access to its customers’ lifecycles. The platform eliminates silos and unifies customer data through an open architecture and application programming interface to drive more intelligent engagement and achieve customer centricity.

By using historical data metrics, lifecycle segments, and personalisation variables, Jebsen Fine Wines will be able to gain demographic insights of its customer profiles and simplify reporting, allowing it to segmentalise and manage customers and conversions effectively. In addition, Emarsys will also provide dedicated, professional and responsive support as well as integrated online training sessions to ensure that the Jebsen Fine Wine team transitions smoothly to the new system.

“Emarsys has completely unlocked our vision and helped us to realise the true value of our existing customer data. The powerful yet friendly solution will allow us to better monitor traffic and data, as well as better facilitate our communication with customers," said Bonnie Mak, head of consumer business at Jebsen Fine Wines.

"We are excited that through the Emarsys platform, the deliverability rate of our messages will be well tracked on a user friendly dashboard for analysis and reporting, making a difference to our e-commerce capabilities while enabling us to build long-term relationships with our customers in the current dynamic market," she added.

Adam Ioakim, managing director for APAC at Emarsys, also added, “Jebsen Fine Wines has been a tastemaker in Hong Kong for decades, as it prioritises customer experience. This has led to a huge loyal customer base and we look forward to working with the company as it continues on its trajectory of growth.”

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