JD incorporates tech across the breadth of Beijing's brand new airport

The recent opening of Beijing Daxing International Airport has provided China's capital with a major transportation hub, and online retailer JD is stepping up to leverage technology across the entire complex that could enhance the airport's logistics capabilities immensely.

Acting as the logistics service provider for restaurants across the airport, it's taking advantage of its warehousing and delivery capabilities to handle storage, transportation, and delivery for perishable categories like fresh food and ice cream. The company is using its cold chain delivery capabilities to ensure quality, supported by a cold chain warehouse situated nearby to streamline the process. JD will also handle warehousing and delivery for other businesses in the airport, including offline stores of all shapes and sizes and vending machines.

JD has also capitalised on its background in a more traditional fashion, by opening two delivery stations to help travellers ship products from the airport to anywhere in China. Furthermore, JD Logistics is offering a special service to repackage luggage to ensure that fragile items checked-in as luggage will not be damaged in transit.

To meet traveller shopping needs, two JD brick and mortar retail locations on-site offer a wide range of products, such as computers, cameras, smart devices, as well as cosmetics and personal care items. Technology in the store includes a smart shelf that will provide a detailed description of the product when customers pick it up. Customers can leave with their purchased items, or scan a QR code on the product's price tag to have it shipped via JD Logistics to an address of their choice within China.

Last but not least, as parking could be a big issue for passengers, JD's digital arm JD Digits (in partnership with hardware provider Shougang Fund S-PARK) has implemented a smart parking system which allows drivers to easily locate the most suitable parking space for their car via an app, and also provides in-app payments.

"It’s our honour to leverage our capabilities for Beijing’s new Daxing airport. Using our logistics and retail capabilities to enhance the travel experience is just the type of initiative that our opening-up strategy was intended to service," said,” Rao Zhenzhen, head of JD retail experience shops of JD retail innovation.

Taking five years to construct. with a terminal spread out over 700,000 square feet, Beijing Daxing International Airport had its official opening ceremony on 25 September, with its first domestic flight going out on 26 September.