Jackie Chan kicks off Hong Kong Airlines' arrival in North America

Given the highly competitive travel industry, Hong Kong Airlines has tapped kungfu star Jackie Chan as brand ambassador fronts at a light-hearted commercial in a bid to differentiate its service offering from other big players in the market.

In partnership with DDB Group Hong Kong, the airline set out to own a fun, young and energetic travel experience by joining forces with the homegrown hero and martial artist Jackie Chan for Hong Kong Airlines’ entry into the North American market.

On 30 June, the airline launched a non-stop daily service between Vancouver and Hong Kong international airports.

Central to DDB’s campaign promoting the airline’s international debut, is a dynamic, fast-paced TVC starring Chan. Directed by David Tsui and Anthony Ng, the advert is crafted through a series of point-of-view shots – placing the unknowing viewer in Chan’s shoes to experience the joys of Hong Kong Airlines’ service.

The tagline, ‘We treat everyone like a celebrity, including celebrities’, comes into its own when the point of view is revealed as belonging to Chan.

“Shooting the TVC point-of-view style gave us the opportunity to not only tweak viewers’ interest, but, most importantly, also let them experience what service onboard a Hong Kong Airlines flight feels like,” said Benny Ko, client services director at DDB Group Hong Kong. “The style is characteristic of both Jackie and the airline’s unique take on the travel experience.”

As a brand ambassador, Chan boarded the inaugural flight from Hong Kong, and saw off passengers flying the transpacific route from Vancouver the following day.

“Partnering with Jackie Chan offers a timely opportunity to establish a cross-cultural connection for our customers,” said George Liu, CMO of Hong Kong Airlines. “Similarly, DDB’s wonderfully engaging point-of-view TVC bridges the divide between celebrity and non-celebrity treatment. At Hong Kong Airlines, there is no difference.”

Released across Asia Pacific and North America, the video is supported in print, across social media and through a launch event.

Client: Hong Kong Airlines
Agency: DDB Group Hong Kong
Director of client Services: Benny Ko
Creative director: Jay Lee, Leslie Wong
Associate strategy director: Adrian Tso
Associate creative director: Andy Wong
Associate art director: Venus Li
Senior account director: Cafy Choi
Account executive: Kelsey Wong
Head of TV production: Annie Tong
TV producer: Denise Wong
Media: MEC Global