It's time to be a positive social media user

It’s come to a point where social media can really get on your nerves.

It’s just full of complaints, bad news, stupidity and more complaints. The cat photos are getting less - but at least I could live with those.

When consumers react to brands on social media, it’s mostly with complaints -  about how their service sucks or about how the food or the waiter was bad. It is sad that people just turn a blind eye on the good things that happen.

From a brand's point of view, that clients are now much more afraid now of getting complaints on social media page is good, because they now have to improve their services and products. But it also means a whole new headache for agencies who work on their social media accounts or brands.

Where has all the positivity gone? We tend to complain as consumers when we see the bad but never talk about the good things that happen.

A few days back, I decided to post something that was pretty interesting.

I’m a Digi mobile customer; and like an old school customer decided to pay my bills at a Digi Centre. When I arrived, unlike every other day that I’ve been there, there was a very long queue and a few disgruntled faces.

You see, at the regular place that I go to only had two counters but there was never an issue with that. There was this one customer, an fairly old maiden who kept on going at her customer care person. Don’t get me wrong, she was not at all mean to him but she had the oddest of questions. She was a curious little one, from her data pack to her missing five ringgit. She didn’t miss out on anything.

For 45 minutes she drilled this customer care person. She asked his name and he said his name was Shareen and she even answered “ Oh it sounds like a girl” - he laughed it off. A few customers left, irritated with her. Not me, I had a big smile. I was just proud that the service industry in Malaysia still has hope. The guy handled her like she was their most valuable customer, and took care of her even if the other staff looked a little disgruntled.

So like every other person, I took a picture of the situation and posted it on my social media page. But instead of talking about how the lady drilled the customer care person, I spoke about how good he was - switching it up a little.

[gallery link="file" ids="72932,72933,72934"]

Within the next hour, the likes came, the comments came and funny enough, some people from Digi picked it up. Within the next day, Digi had rewarded the customer care person and posted it on my wall. Kudos to the brand for being reactive and for the nice gesture (and even not publicising it).

So here I am writing about it, not from an agency that works on the brand (in fact we recently lost their account) but as a happy customer, who sometimes needs to understand it's not that easy to take care of every customers needs.

Maybe as customers we should learn to be more positive on social media. Highlight the good if we see it - and hope brands get motivated by it; and not just react to bad comments.

The writer is VJ Anand, group ECD of TBWA\ Group Malaysia.