Issey Miyake aims to inspire minimalism with macro influencer campaign

Shiseido Asia Pacific has launched a targeted macro influencer campaign to promote Issey Miyake's new L’Eau d’Issey Pure eau de parfum. Executed by social media marketing agency One9ninety, the campaign engaged influencers from Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

It aimed to recruit Millennials aligned with Issey Miyake's approach of design and made use of big data to ensure that only influencers with the right active target audience were engaged. There were two parts to the campaign, with the first being influencers sharing images that portray their #suspendedmoment. The photos were inspired by Issey Miyake’s key themes of nature, minimalism and architecture.

The second part comprised of the influencers driving their followers to Issey Miyake stores to sample the fragrance. According to the press statement, the campaign reached 4.1 million across the three markets, and had an engagement rate of 1.85%, which was above the macro influencer benchmark of 1.7%.

“Our intention is to communicate Issey Miyake aesthetic values and minimalism approach to the present-day community. The success of this campaign has allowed us to connect with a wider audience in an artistic manner and gaining market share at the same time," Nicolas Baudonnet, regional director, Fragrance Division, Shiseido Asia Pacific, said.

“This was a unique campaign that didn’t just target typical beauty influencers and selfie takers, but influencers that exudes the personality of the global brand itself. We strongly believe in the power of influencer marketing, and we are proud to deliver such excellent results for this campaign," Laurent Verrier, CEO and founder of One9ninety, said.

Marketing has reached out for more details.