Isobar HK supports Google's campaign to bring good vibes to Hong Kong

As Google kicks off its campaign to bring some positive vibes to the people of Hong Kong, they've found a partner in Isobar HK.

With the debut of ShareJoy earlier this month, Google Hong Kong unveiled the HO JENG AR augmented-reality app, featuring six playful characters designed to interact with users and encourage them to explore Hong Kong. More than just entertainment, the free-to-download app also features special offers and discounts for Hongkongers that can be claimed at shopping malls, hotels and other locations around the city. 

In support of the campaign, Isobar's agency purpose initiative Isobar Good has deployed its own creative minds to build upon the HO JENG AR concept and bring Google's characters to life. To do so, Isobar has created a series of animated adventure stories and a printable activity pack to entertain young and old. In partnership with leading NGOs, the activity pack is designed to foster mental wellbeing, inspire playdates and encourage elderly engagement. 

"I'm thankful for the support from our very creative friends at Isobar to the ShareJoy campaign. They have helped to bring the story of the joyful HO JENG AR characters to life," said Leonie Valentine, managing director, sales and operations, Google Hong Kong.

“We are delighted to support Google’s ShareJoy project. The app showcases how technology and creativity can work together to deliver meaningful and impactful experiences – especially when purpose is woven into the strategy," added David Jessop, CEO of Isobar Hong Kong.

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