Google Hong Kong rolls out new campaign to spread a little happiness

Hongkongers could use a little happiness these days, and Google wants to give it to them.

Google Hong Kong today has introduced the ShareJoy campaign in hopes of spreading positivity among locals after the turbulent year we've all shared here at home and around the world. As part of the campaign, Google has created the HO JENG AR app, which utilises augmented-reality and introduces six playful characters for users to interact with and capture in their images as they explore Hong Kong.

In addition to including this cast of enjoyable characters in their smartphones, Hongkongers can use the app to take advantage of special offers and discounts, available at Harbour City, Plaza Hollywood, Hong Kong Times Square, and Sino malls (tmtplaza, Olympian City, Citywalk, China Hong Kong City, and Gold Coast Piazza); hotels under the Heritage Tourism Brands group in Hong Kong; as well as brands including CLP Power, G.O.D., Vitasoy, to name a few. 

With supporting partner HSBC, Google hopes to raise awareness of personal wellbeing and the many things to discover in Hong Kong. 

“We are proud to launch the ShareJoy campaign and bring the HO JENG AR app to life, powered by machine learning and augmented reality, available free to everyone in Hong Kong. Using HO JENG AR you can rediscover the city’s vibe, appreciate the beauty of Hong Kong, and more importantly spread positivity and boost the wellbeing of family and friends. We’re glad to be joined by passionate local partners, such as HSBC and many others, who share these values and are actively supporting the campaign,” said Leonie Valentine, managing director of sales and operations for Google Hong Kong.

The HO JENG AR app is available as a free download from Google Play and the App Store.

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