Isentia provides statement on alleged copyright infringement in Thailand

Media intelligence and data technology company Isentia has been charged for alleged copyright infringement by Thai media company Matichon Public Company and its subsidiary Khao Sod Company.

According to media reports by Thai daily newspapers Matichon and Khao Sod, Isentia Bangkok Company, Isentia Monitoring Services (Thailand) and its directors are alleged to have “duplicated or reproduced” news articles by Matichon Newspaper, Prachachat Turakij Newspaper, Matichon Weekly and Khao Sod Newspaper. The news outlets also reported that Isentia allegedly distributed those news clippings to its clients as part of “an unauthorised paid service”.

In a statement to Marketing, Isentia’s spokesperson said that Isentia Bangkok Company, Isentia Media Monitoring Services (Thailand) and its local directors are aware of the legal proceedings filed by Matichon Public Company and its subsidiary, Khao Sod Company, for alleged commercial copyright infringement in Thailand.

“This matter is in very preliminary stages and whilst the proceedings have been filed, they have yet to be accepted by the Thai court. Isentia Thailand is working closely with all parties and believes the matters can be resolved through commercial negotiations,” the spokesperson said. He added that Isentia takes copyright licensing matters seriously in all markets and it looks forward to the resolution of the matter.

Founded in 1978, Matichon Public Company and its subsidiaries publish newspapers, pocketbooks, and journals within Thailand. It also offers advertisement services, training services, and organises exhibitions and seminars.

Isentia Bangkok Company and Isentia Monitoring Services (Thailand) are subsidiaries of Isentia, which is headquartered in Australia.


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