Isentia launches new app for real-time insights

Isentia has launched a new iOS and Android app in Singapore for clients to access their news, social media coverage and trends while on the go. This will help Isentia provide immediate response to issues and real-time insights for marketing and communications professionals. The app provides personalised notifications and media reporting capabilities.

Users will be able to review and access all relevant media coverage, share news stories and build PDF coverage reports to share with stakeholders and collaborate with other team members. They can also receive notifications throughout the day on important media coverage or comments and track coverage trends.

Chief executive of media intelligence Sean Smith said, “We are constantly talking to our clients and we know they are always on the go. Every part of the development of this app has been in consultation with communications and marketing professionals, and this app will help them manage the speed and complexity of the new 24/7 media paradigm.”

Smith continued, “The Isentia app gives our clients access to the relevant information they need, whenever and wherever they need it, as well as the ability to craft their own reports directly through the app.”