Isentia mines insights with Facebook topic data

Asia Pacific media intelligence company Isentia has announced a new information-sharing partnership with human data intelligence company DataSift to provide access to Facebook topic data, which contains rich metadata for analytics and insight.

It has over 60 attributes to filter and analyse content, topics, hashtags and links. Every piece of data comes with attached anonymous demographic data including gender, age and location.

DataSift enables companies to valuable insight from the information now easily accessible to them and make justified and informed business decisions. It provides businesses with a more in-depth understanding of what their key audiences are sharing and engaging on Facebook while not compromising users’ privacy.

Being able to utilise Facebook topic data together with Isentia’s expertise in consumer and media insights means that it will be able to effectively deliver in-depth audience insights around events, brands and issues, serving as valuable business intelligence for marketing and communication strategies.

“This partnership with Datasift is an exciting development for our integrated Insight services. With 1.59 billion people using Facebook around the world, this latest addition to our data will enable us to deliver richer consumer insights and help our clients make more informed strategic business decisions” said Isentia’s executive director of Insights, Khali Sakkas.