iPhone 6s, Leung Chai Yan, Shangri-La top Google search

Hong Kong are obsessed with smartphones, so much so that iPhone 6s has emerged as the most searched keyword of 2015, according to Google's annual review of its search activity.

Microsoft's How-Old.net - a site which had everybody obsessed with finding out how old they really look - was named second most popular search term this year.

Top trending search keywords

1 iPhone 6s
2 How-Old.net
3 Helen To Yu Fung
4 The Empress of China
5 Our Times

Political figures and their friends and family dominated the top trending people on the list this year.

Chai Yan Leung, daughter of chief executive CY Leung, topped the list after an incident on Halloween sparked a media frenzy. Joshua Wong’s girlfriend Tiffany Chin came in at number five after her speech at a public hearing at Legislative Council grabbed the public’s attention.

Top trending people in current affairs

1 Leung Chai Yan
2 Lo Wing Lok
3 Lo Chung Mau
4 Nakade Hitsujiko
5 Tiffany Chin

To escape the hustle and bustle, Hongkongers choose to travel to the four corners of the earth and this year, and they seem to have some serious love for Santa Claus as Finland came in first place on the list, which is also one of the ideal destinations to watch the Northern lights.

Top trending travel destinations on mobile search

1 Finland
2 Hainan Island
3 Okinawa
4 Kumamon
5 Bangkok

Among the countless hospitality and travel brands available, Shangri-La Hotel Group (No. 1) and Hyatt Regency Hong Kong (No. 3); Cathay Pacific (no. 4) and Airbnb (no. 8) made to the list.

Top trending travel brands on mobile search

1 Shangri-La Hotel Group
2 China Travel Service
3 Hyatt Regency Hong Kong
4 Cathay Pacific
5 Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers

An essential part of Hong Kong culture and life, food continues to play a huge role in Hongkonger lives and they are using smartphones to scour the internet for restaurants, book tables and check out prices.

Top trending places for food on mobile search

1 Hui Lau Shan
2 Calf Bone King
3 Lady M
4 Delifrance
5 Fairwood

The data also reveals over 58% of local smartphone users regularly search for products online before deciding whether to buy. For example, Hongkongers always search for flight tickets (94%) and hotels (93%), movie tickets (84%), fashion (55%) and skincare (45%) online.