IPC Shopping Centre launches 'So Much More' to showcase new mall concept

The newly renovated IPC Shopping Centre has launched its latest campaign titled, “So Much More” in an effort to showcase its refreshed interior and a renewed brand belief: a retail space that goes beyond just shopping.

The centrepiece of the campaign, "Once upon sight" is a charming spot that depicts the story of a little boy who experienced love at first sight in the shopping centre. The concept of accomplishing "so much more" in IPC Shopping Centre was brought to life by Bonsey Jaden and Directors Think Tank. The spot so far, has garnered over 1.3 million views since it was published on YouTube, on the 7 January 2018. Check out the ad below:


“It’s not just about the tenants and services. Here at IPC Shopping Centre, it’s all about the moments - whether you’re experiencing fashion, food or fun for the whole family,” Andrew Yeoh, head of marketing at Shopping Centre, IKEA Southeast Asia said.

Jeremy Ng, creative group head at Bonsey Jaden added, “To me, the biggest highlight of the campaign was working with so many like-minded individuals who truly displayed their hunger for a great piece of storytelling.”

IPC Shopping Centre is now larger than ever before, boasting fittings and decorations in soft pastel hues of pinks, blues and yellows, complementing the simple yet cosy interior. Wooden touches are added for a dash of homeliness to the modern facade.