INTI's new video showcases sprawling campus with parkour

INTI International University has partnered with video production agency Urban Isle PLT for its new campus video, which features parkour team Zero2Flow running around the Nilai campus.

The objective of using parkour was to highlight the sprawling campus and its facilities, as well as promote a healthier lifestyle among students by encouraging them to pick up a sport or physical activity. The video, which runs on social media, also aims to attract prospective students.

According to Timothy Johnson, senior vice president of marketing, products and partnerships at INTI International University and Colleges, it wanted to highlight the flagship university without going down the clichéd root of shooting just another campus highlight video. INTI wanted the video to be out of the ordinary to capture the interest of young audience, while putting the campus in the spotlight.

"We decided to take a risk by going down the extreme sports route by giving parkour enthusiast free reign to free run round campus for a day. The team performed some unbelievable stunts and acrobatics as they ran through our campus hallways and grounds, making use of the different facilities and its environment to their advantage," Johnson said.

He added that INTI is always on the lookout to find interesting ways to tell a story. Johnson also said that being in a competitive environment like education means there is a "great need" to be a disruptor by creating content.

Check out the video here: