INTI plays up on students' emotions for latest campaign

INTI International University & Colleges has created a video depicting the hopeful uncertainty that students experience as they set about achieving a milestone that marks a major event in their life.

Co-developed with Ogilvy, the video is about celebrating the achievement of completing the exam and of the beginning of a new stage in a student’s journey of lifelong learning. The campaign was created against the backdrop of 480,000 students receiving their SPM results this year and showed the emotional rollercoaster experienced five of the students.

“We wanted to convey the message that regardless of their results, SPM holders are at the threshold of a new beginning and that the future is wide open for learning and development,” said Timothy Johnson, vice president for marketing at INTI.

“Despite their different backgrounds, the students in the video represent upper secondary school students in Malaysia. At this stage in their education, they should start thinking beyond exams and classroom activities, and look deeply within themselves on what they can offer to the world, because to be successful today, one has to strike the right balance between achieving academic and non-academic success,” said Johnson.

Take a look at the campaign below: