Intel taps social networks for The Escape

Intel’s marketing team behind the Museum of Me execution have released another digital project, The Escape, led by YouTube and social networking giant Facebook.

The Escape sees Intel tap the interactive elements of YouTube where users can unlock hidden codes and features to learn more about its range of desktop and laptop computers launched earlier this year.

The YouTube game centres around a woman who is forced to escape, shoot droids and hunt down clues using various Intel technology. The game asks users to select Facebook friends for assistance and the game is shared once a user has escaped.

Jayant Murty and Stephanie Gan, Intel’s lead marketers on the Museum of Me campaign, were confident the latest project would find similar success.

Murty, Intel’s Asia Pacific director for brand strategy, integrated and partner marketing, said The Escape would draw on the learnings of Museum of Me and keep its sales pitch to a minimum.

“The reason Museum of Me was so big was that it didn’t feel like advertising,” Murty said.

“If you reward consumers with something that is entertaining they will remember your brands and thank you for giving them an experience without the hard sell.

He added that for brands looking to be successful on social networks, offering more than just advertising is necessary.

“If consumers start to think that you’re selling them something, or you’re trying to sell them a point-of-view, the sense or rejection is a lot quicker and faster.”

Discussing the video, Stephanie Gan, regional manager of advertising and digital programs for Intel Asia Pacific, added the aim was to connect with consumers in a personal engaging and interactive way while demonstrating the visual capabilities of the 2nd Generation Intel Core processor family.

“While YouTube offered the perfect stage for creating this experience, it was important to make some of the interactions social with Facebook integration,” she said.

The Escape experience was developed for Intel by Tribal DDB and DDB Hong Kong.

Tim Cheng, executive creative director at Tribal DDB Hong Kong, said: “To do justice to the visual benefits of the 2nd Generation Core processors we knew we couldn‟t merely tell the product story in a passive, traditional manner.

“We needed people to experience these benefits in an emotive way, and that‟s why we made the audience the hero of this video.”

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