Media Prima makes official launch of Tonton Music portal

Media Prima Berhad has launched a new music streaming portal called ‘Tonton Music’, under its 9X TV9 brand.

Tonton Music was first introduced in January this year with Anugerah Juara Lagu. The music portal was jointly launched by Media Prima Radio Network, Media Prima Television Networks and Media Prima Digital.

Media Prima Digital is the digital arm of Media Prima Berhad which operates Tonton. Media Prima Radio Networks, also a subsidiary of Media Prima Berhad, operates three radio stations, targeting youth below 35 years of age with Hot FM, Fly FM and one FM.

“Tonton Music” allows music fans to enjoy music and entertainment through audio streaming. The portal kicks off with over 280,000 local and international hits. Users can expect an ad-free streaming option with a premium subscription for RM4.99 per month.

This portal is also a unique rendition of brand extensions for Hot FM (Malay), Fly FM (English), one FM (Chinese) & 9X TV9 (Indie).

Another feature that ‘Tonton Music’ offers is ‘Magic Radio’, which allows users to customise playlists of their favourite songs and radio segments. With Fly Fm X, Hot FM X and one FM X channels on ‘Tonton Music’, users will have access to popular songs aired on the radio stations. Popular segments such as ‘Panggilan Hangit’, Top 5, Krappi Call, 揾到你 (Wen Dao Ni) and 话事话 (Hua Shi Hua) will be made available online via “Magic Radio”.

In addition, users will also be able to get to know their favourite announcers from Fly Fm, Hot FM and one FM with their profiles and playlists featured.

The 9X TV9 channel, which focuses on the audience aged 15 to 29 years, will be a leading feature on ‘Tonton Music, featuring the works of independent artists and musicians. Theme songs and soundtracks aired on Media Prima Television Networks, such as Cinta Jannah, Diandra, Alam Maya dan Cinta Jangan Pergi, will also play on the platform. The channel will also feature programme playlists on ‘Tonton Music’.

“Tonton Music” will also allow access to music programmes like Anugerah Juara Lagu 28 (AJL28) and entertainment award shows with live audio streaming.

“With the fast growing demand in digital media consumption, we are confident that this music portal will be well-received and also dominate the digital space.  From video streaming entertainment and now audio streaming, we look forward to offering the users a vast library of music.  New and exciting features will be implemented along the way,” said Dato’ Zainul Arifin Mohammed Isa, chief executive officer, Media Prima Digital.

Through this portal, Media Prima Digital aims to gain a strong foothold of digital music distribution in the country on top of expanding its digital advertising avenues.

[Image: Shutterstock]