How to inspire loyalty in Hong Kong consumers, according to science

Global loyalty marketing agency ICLP’s new survey revealed innovative loyalty programmes are high on the agenda for consumers considering retailers, with 41% saying they would be encouraged to spend more with a brand if they had a loyalty programme.

Meanwhile, 48% said that discounts on future purchases were most important to them, and 42% said that they would spend more if they could get free delivery on a day of their choosing.

Mary English, general manager at ICLP commented, “Gone are the days when a loyalty card alone would encourage consumers to choose a particular retailer above all others – the stakes are much higher now. Effective loyalty programmes need to recognise and cater to what customers value, such as being greeted by name when entering a store, personalised offers or VIP events, in order to drive brand engagement and devotion.”

The survey found that while consumer interest in loyalty programmes is high, as 41% of shoppers stated they would be encouraged to shop more with a brand if it had a loyalty programme, retailers need to look beyond traditional points-based programmes to find ways to inspire higher or more frequent spend from shoppers.

Some figures to consider for your next strategy meeting:

ICLP_Mass Aff Infographic_Eng