Inside WPP's Stream Indonesia [Gallery]

It was my first time attending Stream and I have to say, there were quite a few things that caught my attention. Other than the awesome venue and some great discussions on the past, present and future of marketing, what really made Stream an (un)conference were a few components:

The extravaganza

The marketing industry is quite talented, as I learned, and definitely not shy to display it. From songs to power-point Karaoke (making stories out of 15 slides shown to you in quick succession, on the spot and to be recited “real-time” – no kidding!) to dance and histrionics. You could find all of it there.

The ignite

This was a four-minute talk with 15 slides that auto-rotated: on stage, and in front of everyone. The topics ranged from public transport in Indonesia, to e-commerce, to what makes you happy in life – basically anything you wanted to talk about. I was highly impressed with quite a few of the 17-odd presentations we saw and hey, a few also got standing ovations from the audience.

The gadgethon

Gadgets that make you say “wow” was what this session was all about. From Oculus Rift to drones and much more. Check out the pics for more on what went on.

Midnight cooking madness

… by the guests, yes. Guests opted to participate in a culinary competition. I was no judge, but if you had asked me, my points would have gone to Dhaniya chicken (chicken cooked with coriander and the judges also agreed), Oreo fritters (yes, there is such a thing and it was heaven) and, of course, the tropical sangria.

Stream Indonesia saw 250 guests in attendance and it wasn’t just a number. The impressive cross-section of guests meant you could be talking to a scientist over breakfast, a techie over lunch, an astronaut over drinks and some students as well. All of this on top of agency professionals and marketers who are always fun to meet.

The three-day event is called (un)conference for a reason. Once you’re at Stream, you’re expected to not do certain things:

Here is the list of don’ts.

  1. Do not wear anything remotely formal.
  2. Do not talk about work, always.
  3. Do not expect 40-minute power point presentations.
  4. Do not stop drinking. (Kidding! There was a free flow of booze throughout the day though.)
  5. Do not hog the limelight – there was a strict time limit of 15 minutes for presentations to be made on stage …

… and the list continues.

Check out the pics and share it with friends if you were there.

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(WPP paid for the writer’s accommodation at Stream Indonesia.)