Inside Audi's humanised tech experiential space

Brief: Continue to drive Audi business using innovation as a platform to create delightful and unforgettable experiences for potential and existing customers. In particular, the auto maker wanted its three key technological innovations – Connect, e-tron and Ultra – to be experienced by a wide audience in the most straightforward, simple and engaging way.

In addition to providing visitors with a series of fresh and exciting experiences; the challenge was to design and create exhibits that ‘humanised’ Audi technologies to allow consumers to grasp and relate to the technology and build affinity with the brand.

Execution: The 400 sq.m. Audi Experiential Centre was divided into four main experiential zones – Connect, e-tron, Ultra and Land of Quattro – each of which employed alternative methods of information delivery, providing a hugely engaging experience for visitors.

Digital technology was used liberally throughout to provide immersive user experiences, encouraging interaction and conversation between visitors and Audi representatives.

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In particular, the three key technologies were brought to life through motion sensor and LED tracking devices, an X-ray system and 3D mapping; while a 4D theatre provided a startlingly realistic experience for the Land of Quattro journey.

Result: Entering the centre, the visitor stepped into a giant arcade where entertainment and engagement never ended. Visitors experienced every turn, bump and thrill of the Land of Quattro journey, challenged each other in a car race, generated electricity for an electric vehicle, played interactive games on a touchscreen counter top and examined the inside of an Audi car via an x-ray machine.

Technology was made simpler through this direct engagement, and concepts that would be complicated even for a genius were explained and experienced in a rich, transparent way.

In the end, the 2013 campaign saw tremendous visitor turnout in each of the three cities. The client amassed a valuable visitor database and a vast number of potential customers were exposed to Audi’s latest technology. This campaign once again positioned Audi at the forefront of innovation in the automotive industry.

Take away: The number of attendees created an inevitable waiting period as people took turns experiencing the technology.

Part of this waiting time came during the registration process, as visitors needed a Wi-Fi password to access the interactive activities. By holistically examining and streamlining the entire experience, we successfully improved the management of the process and boosted customer experience.

Client : FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd.

Event Company: Pico Beijing

Event: Audi Experience Week 2013

Date: October – December 2013

Location: Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing