Innity reveals Engage+

Innity has revealed Engage+, a platform that helps brands target audiences within premium sites, audience networks and programmatic buying across display, mobile, video and social media.

The platform aims to assist brands achieve real engagement with their audience within four pillars, namely publishing, social infrastructure, universal experience and gamification, which can work on multiple screens.

Among the advertising formats that work with Engage+ is the Lightbox format, which allows brands to make use of its expandable screen function to make social comments and engage, among other things, in the same web page without being diverted to a separate one.

"With the HTML5 and cloud-based technologies, the timing is right for Engage+ to provide unified solutions with low bounce rates that will benefit agencies and marketers," Peter Phang (pictured), chief executive officer of Innity, told A+M.

Phang added with brand publishing, marketers are able to provide constant updates to the information on the ads.

Engage+ also allows brands to engage its audience with personalised conversations that are filled with topics tailored to suit each target audience which gives marketers control and keep track of their audience.

Gamification is used to interact to motivate people to join the engagement group by giving points and rewards.

Innity is currently in talks with FMCG brands to adapt this new platform.

Engage+ will go on trial in April and Innity will be the first to launch this platform in Southeast Asia by the end of the second quarter of this year.