InMobi acquires data and advertising company for CMOs to deliver consumer expectations

InMobi, a global provider of mobile enterprise platforms, has acquired mobile data and advertising company, Pinsight Media, which was formerly wholly owned by Sprint. The deal is part of a broader strategic partnership between InMobi and Sprint across devices, data, media and marketing.

The acquisition of Pinsight looks to build on InMobi’s enterprise platforms and enable CMOs to deliver on consumer expectations. This will be through improved customer understanding for superior targeting, engagement and retention.

By combining network-level mobile data with data from mobile applications and mobile web browsers, InMobi aims to provide CMOs an integrated end-to-end view of consumers.  The Pinsight Media acquisition will also bring deep insights and a data management platform to the InMobi Marketing Cloud. This looks to provide enterprise marketers with a bridge between user behavior and an AI-powered marketing strategy.

According to Rob Roy, chief digital officer at Sprint, the company has been looking for a partner to deliver digital marketing and mobile advertising technologies, apart from regulatory, privacy and data concerns. Roy added that this partnership will provide Sprint to drive its marketing success. 

"With this acquisition we are creating the most powerful advertising and marketing platform for the US market by unifying online and offline behaviour. As well as, providing CMOs with a way to reach and engage consumers, while remaining compliant with privacy and data protection requirements,” Naveen Tewari, founder and CEO at InMobi said. 

"This industry-first acquisition allows InMobi and Sprint to work on our respective strengths together, and provides a global template for partnerships between advertising platforms and telcos,” he added. 

“InMobi is deeply committed to telco partners and building a unique data ecosystem to support our enterprise platform for marketers,” Anurakt Jain, VP and GM, strategic data partnerships at InMobi said.

Jain added that the acquisition of Pinsight Media will enhance the company's ability to deliver to consumer insights, audiences and customer engagement for CMOs. 

As a result of this acquisition, InMobi will also expand its operations in North America. This move comes after its recent partnership with Microsoft. This was in a bid to partner up “to enable new-age CMOs” in their transformational journey from digital to mobile marketing.

(Photo courtesy: 123RF)