Infographic: What do consumers love talking about during CNY?

It’s the start of the long Chinese New Year weekend and excitement is already in the air. In the run up to the festival, brands need to find out what the trending topics are and join in the online conversation.

Apart from being a time of celebration with family and friends, it is also a time where brands leverage shifting consumer consumption patterns to speak to their local target audience. Outbrain, has found that while food is commonly regarded as a cultural bond amongst Singaporeans, content on local initiatives and happenings have gained more traction this Lunar New Year.

This is of particular interest, challenging the conjecture that Singaporeans are most heavily-engaged with food-related content.

Take a look at which areas Singaporeans are most interested in:

Outbrain1 Outbrain2


When measured by platform, Outbrain’s data showed peak content consumption on mobile compared to desktop and tablet devices – by a two-fold surpass.

This effect mirrors global data, which found that mobile internet usage has skyrocketed over the past years to assume the position as the most used digital platform.


Interesting, relevant stories are a critical element of any content marketing strategy, but an equally vital component lies in marketers’ understanding of what, when, and how consumers receive and consume content.

Hence brands must familiarise themselves with these content consumption trends or fail to keep their brand at the top of Singaporeans’ minds.

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