Influencer marketing firm The Goat Agency opens up in SG office as Asia hub

Influencer marketing firm, The Goat Agency has set up an office in Singapore as its hub for Asia. Its current campaigns in the region run across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan, and Korea.

Opened officially in March, the Singapore office is currently run by business director APAC, James Gaubert and senior campaign manager Indie Boon. In a statement to Marketing, Gaubert said the agency positions itself as “influencer-first”, having worked with over 75,000 influencers. Brands under its portfolio include Nike, Adidas, Huawei, Absolut, HSBC, Nivea, Kelloggs, KFC and Coca Cola.

“The volume of work was increasing so much that the decision to open in Singapore just felt like a logical next step. It is where all the big client are, has great routes into the rest of Europe, and feels like a very up-and-coming city when it comes to influencer marketing,” added Gaubert.

Acknowledging the wide-ranging competition from big advertising agencies and small digital shops to PR and media companies, Gaubert said that whilst many claim to provide influencer marketing, “very few do it well and properly”.

Besides Singapore, The Goat Agency currently has offices in London, New York, and Monaco. According to the agency, it has run over 1,500 campaigns and generated over 450,000 pieces of content since inception three years ago.