Infinity 2019 highlights: Alibaba Cloud products and SCC membership

Yesterday at its Infinity 2019 summit in Hong Kong, Alibaba Cloud showcased the use of several of the company’s products and solutions, as well as announcing its membership to the Hong Kong Smart City Consortium (SCC).

The full-day digital transformation event put a heavy emphasis on the company’s “DataV” analytics and big data solution. In addition to data mining and analytical features, DataV can present users with multiple data sets and geographical information that can lead to swift recognition of patterns and trends. A case study of its application at Hong Kong International Airport to monitor and assist response to terminal traffic was the centrepiece demonstration of the system in action.

However, DataV was only one of several products on display, as Alibaba Cloud presented a roadmap which showed how regional customers will be able to choose between content distribution networks (CDN), databases, blockchain tech, security tools, analytics and big data, networking, and cloud communication platforms.

Leo Liu, General Manager of Hong Kong, Macau and Korea at Alibaba Cloud said, “Alibaba Cloud harnesses technologies that tackle real-life challenges and improve the quality of modern living. We are committed to working with all our partners to drive digital transformation across various sectors.”

The company also expressed that tailored solutions for specific industries such as transportation, online education, franchises, and smart logistics were also available. Since establishing its first Hong Kong data centre in 2014, Alibaba Cloud’s local service capability has doubled.

This figure made it unsurprising why Alibaba Cloud announced its joining of the SCC. Established in March 2016, the platform gathers wisdom from various think tanks, tech/industry associations, and academic/research institutions to advise the Hong Kong government on smart city policies and implementation. Alibaba Cloud’s focus on the panel will be the improvement of urban infrastructure and operations.

Liu said, “Our products integrate capabilities in data technology, AI, machine learning and Internet of Things to provide comprehensive solutions that ignite innovation and enable public sectors, as well as businesses big and small, to thrive within the smart city infrastructure.”

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