Indonesian YouTuber jailed for handing fake food packages to trans-gendered individuals


Indonesian YouTuber Ferdian Paleka (pictured) has been reportedly sentenced to 12 years in jail for handing out fake aid packages to trans-gendered individuals on the streets. According to The Jakarta Post, the video which has been taken down by YouTube, featured Paleka and his friends giving away fake instant noodles boxes containing bricks and garbages. 

The article added that in the now deleted video, Paleka and his friends were allegedly looking to "survey" the streets for "bencong". Bencong is an Indonesian slang for a transsexual, and for transwomen, the term "bencong" is deemed derogatory. According to Paleka in the video, the group of friends were curious if transwomen were on the streets during the holy month, and if they were, the aid packages of trash will be given. If the group did not encounter transsexuals, Paleka said that the city is "safe from waria". Waria is an Indonesian slang for transwomen.  

According to several media outlets, the video caught the wrath of Indonesian netizens and the LGBT community, who called on others to have the video reported and also flamed Paleka for harassment and bullying. In addition, some netizens added that the YouTuber has previously posted videos degrading women and sex workers. 

Days before getting arrested, Paleka also posted a fake apology on an Instagram story where he pretended to be remorseful for his actions but later laughs it off as yet another prank.  A fellow netizen posted a copy of the fake apology on Twitter. The prank apology came after the video went viral and copped flak from netizens. A quick check by Marketing Interactive found that the YouTuber's Instagram account was no longer available.

Meanwhile, another video went viral yesterday which featured Paleka and his friends in jail. The video, reportedly filmed by an inmate, showed the boys punished by the rest of the inmates. 

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This comes a month after two Indonesian YouTubers Pablo Benua and Rey Utami were jailed for publishing a video interview where the celebrity guest mocked his former wife. According to CNN Indonesia, the trio have been charged with "legally and convincingly committing criminal acts of defamation". The alleged video, which has since been removed, was uploaded in July 2019. Celebrity guest Galih Ginanjar shared his personal anecdotes with former wife and said she faced body order issues. The issue has been widely called "the smell of salted fish" case, referencing Ginanjar's comment on his ex wife.