India’s newest social media titan?

Social network site WorldFloat’s rapid growth in the market is a rude wake up call for giants Facebook, Twitter and Orkut.

Currently, the site has around six million users, and is targeting 10 million users by next month. While Facebook is clearly ahead with 78 million active users as of the first quarter of this year, that WorldFloat has only launched a year ago is a mark-able achievement.

The latter allows users to navigate in a manner similar to that of Facebook, but with added unique features when it comes to virtual games, allowing users to win money while networking.

“WorldFloat is not just a social networking platform. It is also a way for people to earn money up to Rs.10,000 through online competitions and contests by buying an online ticket of Rs.100,” Pushkar Mahatta, founder of told local media.

Mahatta added that no other technology platform allowed users to win money through gaming and competition while networking. This is what, he claims, sets it apart from other social media sites. The site also allows freedom in communication where users can tap on anyone’s picture to start chatting whether or not that person is a friend.

Currently, WorldFloat’s members are mainly from smaller Indian cities and towns – a consumer base also targeted by the likes of Orkut and Facebook.

India is clearly an important market for Facebook as an expanding user base in India (and Brazil) is what helped the networking site to increase its monthly active users to a 1.11 billion in the first quarter of 2013.

Facebook’s monthly active users rose by 23% from January to March 2013 compared to a year ago. Monthly active users in India alone doubled to 78 million in the first quarter this year.

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