Impossible Foods congratulates Hongkongers for reducing carbon footprint by eating its products

Impossible Foods is giving its Hong Kong customers a pat on the back by claiming that during Earth Month (which took place in April) people who purchased Impossible products have indirectly helped save the world.

According to the company's key figures, throughout April, diners in Hong Kong saved 140,049 square metres of land, 63,787 kg of CO2, and 1,749,318 litres of water by choosing Impossible Food's plant-based meat dishes. These figures are equivalent to 537 tennis courts or 11 Hong Kong Stadiums in size and  3.4 million 500ml bottles or 23,106 10-minute showers in water consumption. The CO2 measurement is also equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions of more than 304,866 km driven in a car. 

“We are delighted to see the excitement for plant-based meat during Earth Month. These fantastic results demonstrate not just how powerful and impactful our individual choices are, but also what a difference can be made when we look at those choices on a societal level. Not only have Hongkongers made an incredible contribution towards saving the planet, but they have also chosen to support local restaurants during these challenging times," said Heidi Nam, general manager of Impossible Foods Hong Kong.

Impossible Foods also said the business of partner restaurants improved during April. For example, Ruby Tuesday’s sales of Impossible dishes increased by 66%, and The Butchers Club sold 90% more Impossible Burgers in April compared to March. 

“We hope that Hong Kongers will continue to enjoy delicious Impossible dishes even beyond Earth Month, with a new perspective on the power behind their diet choices," Nam added. 

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