Ikea gets emotional with its latest spot [VIDEO]

Ikea hits close to the heart once again with a new video touting its latest Wonderful Everyday campaign.

Called Wonderful Life, the 90-second heartfelt video was made by Mother London and follows a couple’s life together; showcasing the small, everyday events and making comparisons to grander events to show how even the littlest of actions are regarded highly.

From painting psychedelic patterns on the walls of their first house to playing doubles in a badminton match, the spot ends with the leading lady sharing her love story with her grandchild as she reflects on her life with her husband who is implied to be deceased.

While locally we are used to a more cheeky side of the brand, this campaign plays up the emotional connections between people. Take a minute or two to check it out:


Wonderful Life has garnered over 55,000 views on YouTube and 1,671 views on Facebook since it made its way on the web on 19 April.