Change of heart for IKEA on fan blog ban?

After what has been deemed by many a classic example of what not to do with your brand’s fan site, it looks like IKEA has had a change of heart with regards to

As earlier reported, IKEA came up in the press for threatening legal action on popular fan site IkeaHackers. The move was widely criticised by many as a terrible move for the brand’s image. More here.

IKEA reached out to the blog’s owner, Jules Yap.

Yap wrote on her blog: “So, yesterday evening I received an email from Anders of Inter IKEA Systems BV asking me to get in touch. I did and he told me he was having lunch! (So good to talk to a human who eats!) Later he called back to express that IKEA would like to dialogue with me to find a new way forward. What does that mean? I don’t know yet. But I am hopeful, though my guard is still up. From our conversation, I do not have to make any changes to IKEAhackers (including the ads) till we settle on an agreement.”

In a statement, IKEA told Yahoo Homes this: “We want to clarify that we deeply regret the situation at hand with IKEAhackers. It has of course never been our ambition to stop their webpage. On the contrary, we very much appreciate the interest in our products and the fact that there are people around the world that love our products as much as we do.

“We are now evaluating the situation, with the intention to try to find a solution that is good for all involved.”


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