IFS sweetens up with Chanel and Prada-inspired gummy dresses

Chengdu IFS has teamed up with AllRightsReserved to launch an art project - Sweet As One - to mark the first anniversary of the Panda Tour with famous Taiwanese actress Kwai Lun-Mei.

Cashing in on the valentine and CNY season, a sweet-themed exhibition will kick off at Chengdu IFS on 24 January to showcase four well-crafted gummy bear dress created by famous designer Sayuri Marakumi and inspired by Chanel and Prada's 2014 collection.

The project, comes as a second wave of IFS' "I am Here" Panda installation, continue to uphold its goals to enhance engaging level with shoppers, and to put philanthropy in motion.

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Competition between shopping malls in China has flared up recently, largely due to the rise of online shopping. The surge in digital commerce has forced shopping malls to reconsider their role in the shopping cycle. At IFS, the answer lies in better community engagement, as Vivian Yong, promotion and advertising manager at Wharf China Estates Limited, told Marketing.

"China's emerging middle class is no longer satisfy with a well-curated shopping environment; they seek spiritual enrichment from shopping experience. It’s our mission to engage the community with art and culture."

From 22 January, IFS will invite some 1,500 participants to complete a 180 meter long “candy carpet” on Chunxi Road right in front of the mall to increase engagement. Candy will be delivered to rural children living in poverty with additional cash support from IFS.


The giant climbing panda sculpture built last January at Chengdu IFS received considerable attention across the region. What was originally designed as a temporary installation has now become permanent, due to its popularity.

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SK Lam, founder of AllRightsReserved, said the agency behind the popular panda, said the identical shopping center chunks in Hong Kong have lost their own characters and charms to attract the already slowing influx of the high spending power Chinese.

"Shopping centers in Hong Kong need to shine up with iconic creations that can last permanently."

The campaign will last until 1 March.