Iflix pokes fun at Netflix's food series by promoting its local culinary shows

Iflix has taken a jab at Netflix for leaving out Malaysia from its new culinary documentary series Street Food Asia. In a tweet to Netflix, iflix said, "Why you gotta do us Malaysians like that?". Iflix subsequently assured consumers that it has something in the works for them and they can "snack on" iflix's variety of local cooking shows in the meantime.


In a statement to A+M, iflix's spokesperson said one can only speculate as to why Netflix chose to omit Malaysia from its street food show. However, iflix believes that there is a lesson to be learnt for anyone who chooses to ignore "local", even when it comes to food, and especially in a food-proud nation such as Malaysia.

"To satiate those appetites, we took this opportunity to highlight the volume of local food-related content on iflix," the spokesperson added.

Tagging Sedap Gila, the category which showcases the various local food-related content on iflix, the Malaysian streaming platform also said in a separate tweet, "Grab Popcorn Muruku."

This comes after Malaysians took to Twitter recently to voice their displeasure against Netflix, saying that nearly every other Southeast Asian country is featured in the Street Food Asia except for Malaysia. One netizen questioned if the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture was doing its job since most Southeast Asian countries were selected for the documentary series.

iflix has also been aggressively diversifying its offerings in recent months. In January, it collaborated with Twitter to provide access to premier football in the region, with both parties are combining live stream technology and social media commentary to engage the mobile-first generation. In March, iflix rolled out a premium sports linear channel, ZSPORTS, across Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Myanmar.

Most recently, Singapore-based media company Mediacorp tapped into iflix's regional reach to bring its locally-produced English and Chinese language content to iflix subscribers in 13 countries across Asia. This will see Mediacorp’s content featured on both iflixVIP and iflixFREE.

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